Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my set last?

It depends on the adhesive that you choose and how well you prep your nails. if you choose nail tabs, you can typically wear them 1-5 days (depending on occupation and what you do with your hands daily). With glue you can wear them for 2-3 weeks also depending on prep.

Can I reuse my press-ons?

Yes. With nail tabs

How will you know my size?

You can purchase a sizing kit from me and send in your size or you have the option of measuring your natural nails yourself. (following the guide I have posted on my site)

Do you provide adhesives?

Yes, for an extra fee. You have the option of nail glue or tabs

How long does shipping take?

Nails ship out anywhere between 5-7 business days. During the holiday seasons there may be a delay on time.

Do You Offer Custom Orders?

Yes, you can request an order but you must send in your size, desired length and ideas! If you’d like for me to freestyle then you will have that option also!

What all comes with my order? 

Each set comes with an instruction card and a small file and buffer

Can I cancel, return or exchange my order?

Unfortunately I do not offer refunds. Because all sets are made to order, I am not responsible For the order once in the care of USPS.